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Client Testimonials

“The hospital total environment is better especially the air, thanks to the smoking room.”

Ms. Jin, Head nurse, Xuzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital

“With this purifier system, I felt very relaxed.No need to worry about the health problem. ”

Mr. Wang , Owner Villa

Project Management

Using the thinking of scientific project management, we grasp the three leading faucets of scope, schedule and cost to meet the needs of interested parties.

Which customers need our project?

The smoke cabin can well protect the air against second-hand smoke.

Our product is suitable for following companiies:

  • Companies trying to improve their employees’ working environment.
  • Companies trying to improve their customer experience
  • Tobacco companies,Decoration company

Reliable & Experienced

We have rich experience in the project

  • We have customized second-hand smoke solutions for well-known domestic enterprises.
  • Our projects are all over: airports, hotels, railway stations, and high-speed rail stations.
  • We provide effective support for tobacco companies to solve social responsibilities.

Collect customer needs, analyze customer needs, identify project scope and execute corresponding project work. To ensure the successful acceptance of the project.

According to the needs of customers, make a reasonable schedule. Use appropriate schedule technology to ensure the delivery of the project.

Under the premise of ensuring the scope of the project, cost saving, quality and quantity is achieved for the customers.

Use appropriate communication methods to ensure that buyers have information on project performance.

Device research and development

It has many international patents and domestic patents, relying on strong speed advantage. Excellent product quality, become a long-term service market of a flow control smoke and air purification brand.

Product Design

We invest manpower and material resources in product research and development. In order to achieve good performance of products, we constantly improve and update the functions of products to meet customers’ demand for products.

  • Customer demand oriented
  • Beautiful product design
  • Solve problems in combination with functions and usage.


The factory is certified by ISO and adopts advanced management methods to ensure product quality.

  • Advanced quality management system
  • Perfect hardware facilities
  • Excellent staff quality

Matters need attention

The requirements of the detailed product before the production are necessary. At the same time, the information will be confirmed in advance.

We will provide large cargo photos for customers during production to understand the production situation of the products intuitively. It will avoid unnecessary details in time.

Quality assurance, factory assured shipment, customers feel comfortable receiving goods.

After-sale Service

We provide necessary after-sales assistance.

Present material

We will provide detailed installation information.

Personnel training

After the customer becomes a distributor, we will provide the corresponding personnel training service.

Distribution of parts

Accessories replacement is the main after sale service content, but limited to geographical location, we can solve this problem by sending parts and online guidance.

Online guidance

We will provide online guidance through instant tools. Including re line voice and online chat tools, can also be solved by video guidance.

Matters need attention

Customers find the problem, please communicate in time. After receiving the customer’s service request, we will respond immediately.

We will provide appropriate solutions based on problems.

We need to choose suitable communication tools according to different communication needs. Such as: Email, Skype, telephone.

International Distribution

We support the international trading and provide necessary assistance.

Declare at customs

We will be responsible for transporting the products to the warehouses established by forwarders and providing customs declaration services.

Destination clearance

Customs clearance is usually done by guests, including transportation from the port of destination to the customer’s warehouse.(Except door to door services)

Shipping type

The common modes of transportation are sea freight, air freight, and express. Choose the right mode of transportation according to the cost and time requirements of freight transportation.

The main shipping modes include:

  • Ocean Shipping
  • Air transport
  • International Express

Matters need attention

The main purpose is to determine delivery conditions, that is to say, buyers and sellers are responsible for each other’s duties, costs and risks.

Different modes of transportation, prices, and freight rates are different.

Choosing a strong freight forwarder is crucial to the completion of the entire trade process.