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Smoke cabin QE-208

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Smoke cabin

The smoke cabin function is to ensure the safety of people, whether they smoke or not. Smokers have a cool and posh space where they can light a cigar or cigarette without worrying about annoying other people. For the non-smokers, it is delightful to know that they can watch a game, get a drink or go dancing in your restaurant or hotel without being exposed to second-hand smoke.Click here for more style smoke cabin.

  • More than 358 sample projects for air purification treatment

  • Reduce smoke, dust and smell in3 seconds with extreme speed purification

  • Provide you with a full range of air purification solution for second hand smoke

  • The front panel of the main board is with fireproof material to reduce the hidden danger

Product Dimension

Product Parameter

Attributes Details
Item No QE-208
Dimension 2020*1590*2150mm
Weight 400 kg
Power(Standby) 50W
Power(Work) 350W
Internal configuration main chassis*1
Fan capacity 2000³/h
CADR  particulate 1035m³/h
CADR formaldehyde 420m³/h
Noise(Standby) <=48dBA
Noise(Work) <=58dBA
Area 3.2㎡
 Air inlet particle detection 0~300ug/m³±10% error
Air vent particle detection 0~300ug/m³±10% error
Storage capacity of cigarette 10000pcs
 Number of people 3-4people

Product Features

The clearance rate of harmful substances in the smoke control room was 99.97%, PM2.5:99.99%, TVOC :98%, benzene: 99.97%, bacteria: 99%

The power indicator indicates that the power supply is connected.The filter core state is prompted to replace the filter.The intelligent air sensing system shows the current air quality.

The precision of high density detection of air quality and the change of all harmful objects in the air.

Excellent products can stand the test of professional institutions.

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