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Outdoor smoking lounges

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Smoking Solution

The smoking solution cabin ,it is always important to ensure the comfort of all clients .This is the best smoking solution for second-hand smoke.We have different styles smoke cabins indoor.

  • More than 358 sample projects for air purification treatment

  • Reduce smoke, dust and smell in3 seconds with extreme speed purification

  • Provide you with a full range of air purification solution for second hand smoke

  • The front panel of the main board is with fireproof material to reduce the hidden danger

Outdoor Smoking Lounge

Outdoor smoking lounges

Product Parameter

Name Outdoor smoking lounges
Item No QSL-588
Dimension 3.2m(Width)*2.2m(Depth)*3.1m(Height)
Weight 1600 kgs
Power(Work) 500W
Noise(Work) <=40dBA-65dBA
Storage capacity of cigarette Butts 7000pcs
Capacity  12 smokers
Multimedia Display  22 inches,1080P LCD screen
Air Volume 2500m³/h
Filter Primary, Static, Carbon

Product Features

Bottom-up air circulation,clear away smoke in the most efficient way .No smelling  remains on the smokers’ clothes.

Well-enclosed cabin is making a quiet and enjoyable place for smokers.

Stainless frame structure forms a strong, rugged and shinning outlook.

All major parts of the system are designed as modules.It makes installation,maintenance and customization much easier.

Cigarette ash receptacles could be cleaned from outside of the cabin.Ensuring a much cleaner place inside.

Remote control multi-media display. Messages could be sent to the LCD and LED display real time.

The cabin roof is designed to be a deck for green plants and flowers which could make the cabin more beautiful and environment friendly.

Also this is helpful for maintaining the temperature  inside and quality air around of the cabin .

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