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Home air purifier for allergies QM-358

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The home air purifier for allergies is essential for home decoration with speed filtration function.It can purify formaldehyde easily.It will impove the air quality efficiently.

Product Features

It is the most suitable for home air purifier filter.It can meet the health needs of the whole family.

Intelligent purification mode provides a smart purification human touch with automatic detection of data, scientific regulation of air flow, real-time monitoring, real-time adjustment function.When the intelligent processing is completed, it will enter default silent mode.

The lowest consumption power is 18W.The power consumption is about one-third of ordinary lights.No need to worry about electricity costs.It can give you fresh air in24 hours.

Remote control and dual key control.

LCD VA HD display screen display precise visual pollution data.

Give you a fresh and comfortable experience

3D air intake with oversized wind wheel.The air absorption enhances more than 2 times.It widely used in the urban family bedroom, children’s room, living room, study room, etc.

Home air purifier for allergies

Product Parameter

Attributes Details
Item No QM-358
Negative Ion 500000000/cm³
Rated Power 45W
CADR 280m³/h
Built-in filter 7-layer filtration system
Usage Area  30-40㎡
Noise 17.4db-39.7db
Voltage/Frequency 220v/50HZ ,110v/50HZ
Motor Type  Plastic seal
Material  ABS

7 layers filter system

  • Initial effect filter

    Filter large particles, available water rinse

  • Cold catalyst filter

    Adsorption, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC

  • Honeycomb activated carbon filter

    Quick adsorption of odor, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, secondhand smoke

  • Antibacterial enzyme filter

    In addition to suspended dust particles, worms, microorganisms

  • HEPA efficient filter

    Eliminate mold, dust, allergens, viruses

  • UV disinfection

    Eradication of viruses, bacteria and so on

  • Anion purification

    Improve air quality, multiple health functions

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