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Electronic air cleaner QF-308

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The electronic air cleaner QF308 is designed especially for large space places.The hepa air purifier can remove viruses ,bacteria and PM2.5 about 99.97%.Its current application covers school, training center, hospital, shopping mall, hotel, office and all kinds of lobbies.

Product  Advantage

Can be accessed remotely by phone APP.

Large air inlet + large filter = large essence effect

This configuration could achieve large airflow with low noise.

Structured with high strength metal parts which are easy to clean.

Product Dimension

Electronic Air Cleaner

Product Parameter

Attributes Details
Item No QF-308
Dimension 1325*580*280mm
Weight 56kg
Power 126W
Accumulative Dust Accumulation 85000mg
Hepa Filter Area 11.6㎡
CADR 1080m3/h
Built-in filter Three-layer composite filter
Usage Area 40-60㎡
Noise  62dBA,55dBA,42dBA
Particulates 99.97%
Nicotine 99.97%
Acetic Acid 95%
Acetaldehyde 93%
Ammonia 98%
 Formaldehyde 90%

Product Feature

  • Commercial air purifier is for 50m³of space

  • Purify 160 times a day, CADR value up to 1080m3 / h

  • Effectively remove more than 300 kinds of indoor pollutants

Application Case

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