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Car air purifier QT-508

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The car air purifier, portable small desktop air purifier creates high-quality air environment for cars.t can remove the bacteria, viruses, PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene and so on.It is a small air purifier.So it is also a portable air purifier.It can make an amazing drive experience.

Product  Advantage

When air flows through the filter element, it will not be obstructed by the filter element and reduce the air volume. HAF purification efficiency can be improved about 30%-50% using same power purifier.

The hollow structure ensures that the filter can absorb more dust without blocking.The service life is two times that of the traditional filter core

After adsorption of 21 grams,the dust purifier uses the traditional filter due to blockage caused by the air loss is 33 times HAF

Special electrostatic electric technology, effectively adsorb a variety of particles under 10 microns, including division, bacteria, dust and so on.The filtration efficiency can reach 70%.

Car air purifier

Product Parameter

Attributes Details
Item No QT5008
Dimension 74*47*159mm
Weight 1 kg
Power(Work) 8W
Rated wind speed 25m³/h
Anion 5000000m³/cm³
CADR 10m³/h
Noise <=35dBA
Purification rate PM2.5>99%
Purification rate Formaldehyde>99%
Purification rate Toluene>99%

Six Purification Effects

  • Pollen removal

  • PM2.5 removal

  • Bacteria removal

  • Smoke Removal

  • Odor removal

  • Formaldehyde removal

Application Case

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