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Air purifier for smoke QC-308

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The air purifier for smoke can clean the air effectively in the commercial large space.It can dispel toxic, harmful gases, smoke particles,odor.It has the functions of eliminating bacteria and viruses, creating a clean and comfortable environment.The biggest function is the air purifier for smoke.

Product  Advantage

The 5-layer filter unit is designed especially for smoke clearance, not only block>99.97% particles, but also filter the odorous and toxic gas generated by cigarettes.

Our outstanding air flow mechanism forces smoke very quickly into the filtering unit against smokers.

The air quality before and after the filter is measured and displayed real-time, as well as the aging of the filter itself, to guarantee real-time protection.The instrument will turn to sleep when there is no people inside.Once somebody comes in,it starts operation immediately.

Multi-level sound insulation technology presents you with home-like quietness.The standby noise is 45 dBA and full speed noise is 58dBA

Product Dimension

Product Parameter

Attributes Details
Item No QC308
Dimension 1500*350*2100mm
Weight 210 kg
Power(Work) 350W
Fan capacity 2000m³/h
Internal configuration main chassis*1
CADR(particulate)  1035m³/h
Area  0.55㎡
Purification rate  PM2.5 removal rate >99%
Purification rate Formaldehyde removal rate>99%
Purification rate Toluene removal rate>99%

Super Funciton


  • Directional Activated Carbon

  • PreFilter

  • HEPA Filter

  • Formaldehyde Decomposition

  • Odor removal

Smart Control

  • Filter Exchange LED

  • Air Quality Sensor

  • Auto/Manual Dual Mode

  • 3-Gear Fan Speed

Additional Function

  • Muti-media Displayer Ash Receptacle

  • Auto-extinguish Ash Receptacle

  • Remote control&Diagnosis App

Application Case

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