Smoke room creates a smoke-free green office

//Smoke room creates a smoke-free green office

Smoke room creates a smoke-free green office

Smoke Room

We all know that the government has vigorously carried out tobacco control now.But in the face of numerous smokers, people still can not avoid smoking in public places such as the office. So how do we solve the problem of secondhand smoke? I think the best way than to decorate a Qleanwind smoke room.

Qleanwind is a company with a great reputation as the biggest provider of best HEPA air purifier in China a country where pollution is a huge menace.

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Qleanwind smoke room is an environmentally friendly smoking space. The natural high-quality coconut shell activated carbon can absorb the smell.It uses H-13 HEPA fiberglass filter layer with 2000m³/ h for air volume.It can effectively remove the interior decoration and furniture release of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases.

No need to set up the external exhaust pipe.Just connect the power to work.It with easy installation, energy saving, and office control tobacco.Therefore it is a good choice to clean second-hand smoke indoors.

The qleanwind smoking cabin is a second-hand smoke purification.We care for the breathing health of all people.

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