The Immense Value Smoke Cabins Can Add To Your Tobacco Company

//The Immense Value Smoke Cabins Can Add To Your Tobacco Company

The Immense Value Smoke Cabins Can Add To Your Tobacco Company

Smoke Cabin for tobacco company

The Immense Value Smoke Cabins Can Add To Your Tobacco Company

The WHO estimates that there are about 1.1 billion smokers today. This large number of smokers means that a large part of the non-smoking population are inconvenienced everytime a smoker has to smoke. Given that we all live, work and interact together it is extremely important that we find effective ways of ensuring non-smokers do not inhale tobacco smoke involuntarily. Most of the existing measures end up isolating the smokers and even then some of the smoke eventually ends up affecting some unsuspecting non-smokers.

Smoke cabins one the few foolproof measures that ensure smokers and non-smokers can co-exist without inconvenience or isolation of either party. The points below will explain the value of smoke cabins to your tobacco company.

 Corporate Social Responsibility

As a tobacco company, corporate social responsibility should at the top of your priorities. Smoke cabins provide an effective way to trap, eliminate and filter the smoke. By providing smoke cabins to customers you allow them to live and work with their non-smoking colleagues, family, and friends without exposing them to the smoke and its harmful effects. The effects of passive smoking are widely known and documented, Without smoke cabins these individuals are exposed to the smoke and eventually fall victim to the health effects of passive smoking. By offering smoke cabins you can prove that you are committed to ensuring non-smokers do not end up inhaling the tobacco smoke.

Corporate Partnerships

Today a large chunk of corporate employees are smokers. It is therefore up to companies to look for a way to ensure all their employees are accommodated.Providing companies with smoke cabins allow them to keep all their employees happy. By doing this your company forges corporate partnerships with other companies.

Marketing Avenue

The amount of time smokers spend in the cabin is an open opportunity waiting to be grabbed with both hands. This is why we equip our smoke cabins with a computer. This computer gives you company a channel to engage with them. It allows you to run targeted advertisements and infomercials. Given the increasing costs of running online and TV ads, this is a very cost-effective marketing avenue.
Looking at the above points it is possible to see the value that smoke boxes can provide not only to your company but to your customers and their friends and

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