Room air purifier

//Room air purifier

Room air purifier

A room air purifier is used to remove contaminants and allergy triggers from the air. They are beneficial to asthmatics and allergy sufferers, as they remove allergens such as dust, tobacco smoke, odors, dust mites and even pollen from the air present in a room. Am air purifier also makes polluted air meet the needs and requirements of health, by making it clean to a certain agreeable degree.
The air purifiers are easy to use and maintain.

Qleanwind is a company with a great reputation as the biggest provider of best HEPA air purifier in China a country where pollution is a huge menace.

The air purifiers are available in two types, Mechanical filters, and electromagnetic precipitators. The mechanical filter is the most common and most useful and they are classified as HEPA, (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter)

All air purification equipment that filter air can be grouped according to the methods and steps they use to purify the room air.
The ways are as listed below.

1. Multiple filter networks

Some purifiers contain multiply activated fillers that effectively intercept all dust pathogens and allergens in the air. They multilayered filters make sure the indoor air is clean and prevent germs, dust, and other allergens from entering the room.

2. Titanium Oxide Coated Filter
The Titanium Oxide filter works with UV light rays to effectively destroy volatile organic compounds, VOCs. These VOCs include benzene, formaldehyde and some other organic gases. The titanium oxide converts 95% of these VOCs to harmless and clean water vapors. The TiO2 filters air degrades the pollution and leaves your home smelling clean and fresh,

3. Anions and oxygen increase
Anions are negative ions. Airborne particles are statically charged and are attracted to any electrodes. Most purifiers have these surfaces in the device which draw the pathogens from the air.
A negative ion generator increases the amount of oxygen and keeps it constant in a room. This ensures enough oxygen is maintained and boosts filtration of a water-air filter.

4. PTC ceramic heating
Indoor air is heated to a conducive temperature, while the air s purified and germs killed. Warm, radiant and clean heat and air are supplied to any room conveniently and efficiently. This is useful especially for winter seasons as it preheats the air indoors, increasing its temperature, therefore, facilitating easier air filtration.

5. Ultraviolet bactericidal

This is the best and efficient way to eliminate all epidemic viruses and bacteria in the air. The ultraviolet light source destroys any virus, bacteria or microorganisms in the air that comes into contact with its powerful UVC rays.
This keeps you away and far from the source of infection

No matter which room air purifier you use, it has a great functionality at home.

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