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about us

We are awesome

Qleanwind is a company with a great reputation as the biggest provider of best HEPA air purifier in China a country where pollution is a huge menace. We work with professional designers and manufacturers to make special smoking cabins as the Smoke solution, air purification systems, and filters among other products. Our company has dozens of certified patents meaning that we continue to be a major player in providing cleaner air in different environments.

What We Do

To help you braeath

The aim of our products is to ensure the safety of patrons, whether they smoke or not. Smokers have a cool and posh space where they can light a cigar or cigarette without worrying about annoying other people. For the non-smokers, it is delightful to know that they can watch a game, get a drink or go dancing in your restaurant or hotel without being exposed to second-hand smoke.

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